Magnetic tripping equipment for MCBs

Safe and reliable


In these equipments, we use the AC current generators for short term use. Specially at high current applications the cable length and the arrangement of wiring is very important. At current above 1000A the inductive part of load is dominating. The main needed power of the generator is defined by the arrangement of the the cables. The pure ohmic resistance is now not decisive.


It is a big advantage to place the product very near to the generator. In this case, the power of the generator can be reduced to the half. Not only the size can be reduced also the price of the unit will be lower.


This should be shown at an example. If you use an 1500A generator in a separate cabinet, which is placed beside the line, you need some meters of high current cables. The power of this generator should be calculated with about 24 kVA.

The generator for the same function placed inside the testing station can be reduced to about 12 kVA without loosing any functions. The reduction of the price for the generator unit can be used for the mechanical handling, so that the automatic solution will not be much more expensive than the stand alone generator. Even the automatic stations are made for easy maintenance. The equipment can be calibrated comfortably.


For combined products like RCBs and MCBs, we have a practical solution to block the differential function, so that the magnetic tripping can be tested even on one phase. The tripping will not be caused by the relay inside.