Precision current generators for differential circuit breakers  (RCB) tests

Reliable testing of RCDs

This kind of generators were designed to test RCBs. All the requested tests can be executed. Wave forms like AC, DC, half waves (0° and 180°) and phase angle signals (90°/270°) or 135°/ 315°) can be generated, with or without a dc overlay of 6 mA. The signal forms can be continuously or as a rising ramp. So the result can be the tripping time or the tripping level. The generating duration or ramp time can be adjusted.



There are different power versions available starting from 2.5 A eff. up to 60 A eff. Four versions with rising functions are additional listed. The standard version is described above. This version is only able to run all those signals with fixed frequencies in following steps (16.6 , 25 , 50 , 60 , 100 , 200 , 400 and 1000Hz).

The second version includes the standard functions and additional a frequencies range from 10 Hz up to 20,000 Hz can be used.

At the signal forms there is one additional signal added. This is an (4 diodes) rectified sinus. Means it looks like the half wave signal (rectified with one diode) but without the break. The third version includes all the functions of the previous versions and additional the frequency can be modulated. That means the current value keeps on one level and the frequency decreases until the device is tripping.This version is able to test the differential circuit breakers following the IEC/EN62423 norm. Therefor the version has some additional wave forms (like 2 out of 3 phases, looks like the McDonald sign).The last version has additional to the third version one special signal form. This is needed to test the f-type devices. The current signal is an overlay of three frequencies (10Hz, 50Hz and 1000 Hz) this mixed signal can be used for the current and frequency ramps.

The price rang for the smallest size (2.5A) is from € 8,000.-  to 12,000.-