DC current generators

High-frequency technology

The same high frequency pulsed technology of the AC generators are used for the design of DC sources. These generators are working - of course - without any transformers, so the modules can provide up to 300V, what can be limited by software. In short term use each module can produce up to 70A and will be limited to 35A in case of long term application.

If four modules are used in parallel, they can generate up to 280 A for a short time or 140 A for long term. If less current is needed, it is possible to use separate current stages in a range from 50 mA up to 1.5A with even higher precision.

The predetermined current will be reached within 0.1 to 0.3 ms, without any appreciable overshooting. Slower rising times can be programmed by software. Automatic tripping detection is provided as a matter of course.

Generators of 3000 VA long term or 7000 VA short time use in a current range of 100 mA up to 70 A would cost - depending on the version - about € 8.000,- to 12.000,-