AC current generators for thermal tests

Modular construction for more flexibility 

Similar to the magnetic generators, thermal sources are build modular but with lower power output and coils are optimized for thermal stress. Each module is designed for up to 2500 VA, in special cases a fan is used and than the modules can be used up to 3500 VA.

The transformers are adapted to the thermal use too. The control of each module is done digitaly by an optical bus system.

Depending on the type of generator and the power, frequencies of 10 Hz up to 300 Hz can be produced. It is even possible to use three synchronized generators in combination to create a three phase signal. Like the magnetic sources, thermal generators can recognize a device tripping by voltage limits or power limits and will stop current output within less than 2msec.

Those generators are used for „thermal tripping equipments“ or „hour test equipments“. In both cases several devices are connected in a single current loop. Each device which trips is bridged by semiconductors within milliseconds. A typical setup is a batch of 10 or 12 devices in a simultaneous test.

The price of a thermal generator with 1-200A AC current output and 2500 VA long term power is about € 10.000,- if the needed power increases to 5000 VA the price will come up to € 15.000,- Those prices are only indicative values.