Multiple channel analyzer

Potential free high current test equipements

Specially at high current test equipments, there are multiple channel analyzer needed which can be used potential free. The shunts are floating on different phases and the voltages which can occur are running up to 4000 V.

Normally the voltages of the three phases at the transformer and at the products directly at the loads are measured. So there are 6 voltage inputs needed and 4 current shunts should be provided. With those 10 signals the behavior of the transformer and the product can be documented.

Better than to transmit the analog signal by a isolated amplifier (which will be limited at about 100 kHz) is to convert the signal directly into a digital value. To do so the AD converter needs to float on the signal level, potential free. The input amplifier should be adaptable to the signal level. This helps to use the full digital range without loosing signal by noise. The digital value can now easily transmitted potential free by opto couples without loosing any bandwidth.

This method is a lot cheaper and more precise than the standard analyzer with isolation amplifiers at the input signals. Similar to digital osziloscops our analyzer is able to pretrigger  signals, by using a loop storage memory. Signals before the trigger can be stored and analyzed later. Thus a can be combined with the thyristor ignition unit.

The price range for this 10 channel analyzer is from € 15,000 to € 25,000.-