AC – voltage source

Powerful every time

The current generator can be used by some modification as a voltage source with a current limitation function. The specialty compared to other voltage sources is that those generators are able to reach the required voltage level within the first half wave. The source doesn´t need any regulation time. Even if there are provided some different voltage steps with completely different values and with only one wave per step, the source can generate this signal form.



This kind of source is mainly used for test cycles where precise short voltage signals, independent of the load, need to be generated. A short example. If it is needed to generate  3 waves with a voltage value of 95 V (AC) with a break of 20 ms and followed by a voltage signal of 165 V (AC) and 40 ms duration. This can be done by this source. And the voltage is not depending on the current, as long as it is in the limits of the source.


A voltage generator of 20 to 180V up to a limit of 20A would cost about € 9.000,-