High voltage test equipment

Test with a high voltage

In those stations we combine all tests with high voltages. There are units for the standard high voltage test with up to 5,000V. In this case, the device is checked in three steps.


  • input to output (the device needs to be open)
  • arming of the device and testing “phase to phase”
    This need to be done in two steps if it is a 4 pol device (even and odd constellation)
  • all contacts to the housing outside (at the c-bar and the front)

If the contactation is needed to be checked, the unit can repeat the first test but with closed contacts. The high voltage unit is checking itself continuously. But the contactation can only been tested by this forced fault.

Beside this classic test, we also offer a surge module. This unit produces a short peak up to 6.2 kV. The falling edge is analyzed to clarify the components of the devices.