Effective value measurement

Developed to measure the voltage drop across the switching devices

To qualify the contactation impedance of switches or relays, the drop voltage needs to be measured. This unit was designed to measure 12 isolated voltage drops. Each of the 12 measure channels disposes over four amplifier stages. In the moment, when the contact closes and the voltage drops, this edge is dedicated.


After a adjustable delay time the signal calms down and the measure cycle starts. The processing unit needs between 20 and 40 ms to calculate the precise effective value of the voltage signal.


This value will be transmitted and stored. Directly after this measure cycle the contact can be opened and the amplifier has to be able to accept the full voltage range up to 500V.

The unit is able to synchronize to the switching speed. The software displays this frequency and the number of cycles. Even the time needed to run the complete test cycle is continuously calculated.

The main advantage to other measure equipment beside the very high speed is the galvanic isolation of all channels and the robust inputs.

The price range of a 12 channel system incl. the PC software is from € 13,000.-  to
€ 16,000.-