Modular automatic testing lines

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At all testing equipment from HYTRON the parameters are stored in a database. They can be administrated and modified free. When the products are labeled by bar code or matrix code, all products can be tested mixed. The parameters will be read from the database and the results will be stored into a product register. For different kinds of products there is no need to modify anything. 2, 3 or 4 pol devices can be tested at the same time.


Depending on the demand in the parameter file, the test can be stopped when a test is failed. Or the tests will go on even when this test fails. Does a product fails in one station, it will be handled thru the following stations without stopping. If there are more than one station doing the same function, they can be used parallel. In this case the first station is able to let the product pass by at the input conveyor. The balancing between the stations is done automatically from the main line server.

If one station is deactivated, the work is balanced to the remaining stations. So it is possible to stop one station without running the line down. All other station will go on with the work. All stations work with the same mechanical handling.

The advantage of the modular concept are:

  • easy maintenance
  • each station can be stopped for a while without blocking the others
  • the flow capacity is bigger by the buffers than working with a fixed tact
  • the mechanic is easy adapted
  • mixed products can be tested
  • the line can be enlarged without big effort even later