Our history


The company HYTRON was founded in 1990. Initially, the main topic was the development of fast signal processing boards for measure solutions. Based on this, we found customized measure and control equipments.


In the following years we developed many high speed applications. This way we designed camera systems, laser measure equipments, high precision current generators and capacitive sensor technology for turbines. The focal point at all those application was the real time processing.


In cooperation with other companies accrued complete measure and adjustment systems. At the end of 2006, we moved into the new buildings in Bensheim. Here we were able to build up our own mechanic production. Since that time, we constructed 3 dimensional and manufacture with modern machines complete stations and automatic lines.


Our mechanic production covers many technologies like water cutting facility, 5 axis milling machine from DMG and assembling. Combined with our electronics, we create complete systems culminated with our software.

Today we supply customers all over the world even in China, India and Brazil.


Because of many requests in the field of electric measure and adjustments, some other product sectors like camera systems and laser measure equipments have taken a back seat in our company. Additionally, we have focused on some mounting steps in our lines. The main fortitude of our company is that we can cover all sectors with our own products.


So we can decide in our lines if a problem can be solved easier by mechanic, electric or software solution. The interfaces between all parts don´t cause any reduction of speed or capability. With our optical fiber bus system, we are able to combine all our modules in optimized way. New designed electronic boards can be flexible integrated into this architecture by FPGA technology. We live the statement ”won´t work, does not exist”.


The service is placed on pol position in our company. A customer, who orders an equipment from us can lay back with the certainty to be rid of one problem.