Bi-metal adjustment

The exact adjustment of bi-metal

To adjust the bi-metal, it has to be warmed up to a stable and reproduceable situation. To reach this temperature quickly, the current increase as much as possible. After this heating time, the current will be decreased to stable the level. After a short delay, the bi-metal will be forced to trip. This is normally done by turning a screw.

To optimize this process there are different solutions. The surrounding temperature can be kept stable. Or the temperature can be measured and the influence is than calculated into the timing. Another way to keep the sequence similar each time, is to preadjust the screw.  This should help to trip at the same time and should reduce the turning time.

To do so, the screw is turned into while the product is still cold. When the screw touches the bi-metal, the impedance between the contact and the screwing unit changes. This preadjustment will also help to be sure that the screwing unit is already in interference with the screw.

Another influence can be the force which appeals on the screw. This should be reproduceable.

So the generator should be individual programmable and it should be synchronized well to the screwing unit. HYTRON sources can achieve both. The same processing unit is controlling the generator and the screwing unit.