Endurance test equipment

Permanently on and off

This equipment is testing the life time on and off switching capability of switches, relay and contactors. Therefor the voltage, current and cos phi can be adjusted. For all three phases those parameters are defined in a parameter database. The regulation of those parameters is working automatically. For each phase there is an one load bank. This load bank consist out of resistors and air coils. Both parts are placed inline. The resistors are controlled by semiconductors. They are adjusted between each cycle. The coils don´t need to be adjusted while the cycle is running. They are only regulated at the beginning for some cycles. The coils need to be bridged by contactors. The cos phi can be regulated in the range of 0.3 to 1.0.

For special tests the closing conditions can vary from the opening conditions. In this case, there need to be two banks per phase or the conditions can be changed by changing the voltage while the device is open and closed. This is done with double thyristors.

The on and off times are adjustable. The currents, voltages and cos phi are measured at every cycle. The results are stored in a data file.

There are different functions to close the device. This can be done mechanically or electrically. For those functions there is a programmable AC or DC source.

For the contactation there are two kinds of plugs possible. Multi-Contact or Ruhstat. The test cycles are shown on the screen and stored on a PC.